Lean to conservatory sunroom

Lean to conservatory sunroom

Planning Permission for a Sunroom Hi there, i have a question about building a lean to sun room/ conservatory with 1 side touching against my neighbours house.

The house is a sandstone terrace with the original kitchens petruding out from the main building looking like extensions. This leaves a space in the back yard between the kitchens 2.4 metres wide which is enclosed on 3 sides, 1 of which being next doors kitchen wall.

I was wondering if i would be able to build a very simple structure using this space with a 25mm polycarbonate roof on glazing bars running from the back wall of the main building to a door built across the back walls of the petruding kitchens. My neighbour he has no objection to this, especially since his wall would not be taking any weight, it would just be sealed against his wall with spray foam, silicone or flashing tape. I would keep the external door between the kitchen and sunroom and footprint within 8m2, it is over 20 m from the rear boundary and there would be no gas or solid fuel appliances. Would i be allowed to build this with his permission with or without a building warrant? Preferably without.

Any advice on how to proceed will be greatly appreciated.
Question Posted By – Mark In Area – West Central Scotland

  1. Do I Need PermissionDo I Need Permission01-13-2015

    Hi Mark.

    For planning permission it sound like this could be built under permitted development.

    As this would be within 1m of your boundary, includes side and rear it would require a building warrant. This is due to risk of fire spread into neighbouring buildings when they are closer than 1m to a property boundary.

    Thanks for using Do I Need Permission.

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