Monthly Archive for: ‘November, 2013’

  • Moving Internal Stud Wall

    I am looking to move an internal stud wall by approx 800mm to increase size of my bathroom. This stud wall is non-load bearing. I am moving the wall reducing the space in an existing bedroom, no doors or windows are affected by this change …

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  • Observatory planning permission query

    To house my telescope, I am thinking about building a small shed in the back garden and installing an observatory dome which will replace the shed’s apex roof. The height of the shed to the eaves is 1.61 m and the dome itself is 1.3 …

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  • Patio Doors

    In 2005, we had a window removed from our kitchen and replaced with patio doors, same width and height but obviously we cut down to ground level. Was, is either planning permission or a building warrant required retrospectively?

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  • Permissions needed

    Hi, hope you can help. We are looking to extend onto the back of our terraced home into the space out of the back door, from the dining room window. It will be single story and is roughly 1.6m x 2.4m. Could you please advice …

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