Monthly Archive for: ‘February, 2015’

  • Barbeque Hut

    Hi. I’m looking to purchase and build a BBQ Hut within my garden. The hut would be positioned in the bottom corner of my garden (on my decking) I’m aware of guidelines that stipulate the structure would need to be at least 1m away the …

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  • Retrospective permission

    I have lived in my house for a 15 years. When I bought the house there was an attic conversion but no supporting paperwork. What must I do to make this bedroom Satisfactory for regulations. It has 2 large velux and 2 small velux flush …

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  • Question about patio and summerhouse

    My neighbour has built a large summer house in the middle of their back garden and also built extended their patio out so that they now have 2 levels to their garden instead of 3. This required embankment work to level it off building up …

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  • Flat’s entrance door

    Hi, I bought a new build flat almost a year ago and I want to change the existing front door of the flat (veneered oak, fire rated) with a composite fire door. The flat is on a floor. Can you please let me know if …

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  • summerhouse

    Hi we want to erect a summerhouse in our front garden which is next to a public road. It will be more than 1.5 meters from any boundary and it will be screened by trees from the road. Do we need permission? Question Posted By …

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  • External wall insulation fitted under green deal

     Do I need permission to have external wall insulation fitted ? I live in north lanark Question Posted By – norman mcdonald In Area – West Central Scotland

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