Monthly Archive for: ‘October, 2015’

  • Office to Yoga studio

    Hi I want to change a commercial office property into a Yoga studio. The class of the premises (not acquired yet) is likely to be class 2 or 4. How would I go about changing the classification, what are the costs likely to be, is …

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  • removal of access ramp

    do you need planning permission, for the removal of an access ramp, and the reinstating of the front garden to a garden and maybe a driveway Question Posted By – Lewis In Area – Other

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  • adjoining/shared fence

    How high can you extend a fence between neighbouring gardens without planning permission?gra Question Posted By – grant In Area – North East Scotland

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    Hello I would like to erect a Shed as additional storage. The size, height and distance from boundary of property is not the issue. As I live in a rural area, and only have several neighbours do I still require to go through the planning …

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  • Cloakroom WC

    Hi, I’m dividing a large room in a single story extension (built and signed off years ago) into two by adding a small cloakroom wc and hand wash basin. If I can branch off the soil stack (only a metre away through the front wall) …

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