Monthly Archive for: ‘November, 2015’

  • Exemption from Building Regulations?

    Dear Do I Need Permission, My inquiry is actually on behalf of my mother who has been granted a Certificate of Lawfulness, based upon her occupancy of her self-built dwelling for over 4 years. We thought that if she were granted this certificate it would …

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  • Changing Window to French Doors

    I am changing my window into french doors, I am not changing the lintel or width, I am just knocking down the wall below the window. Do I need a building warrant for this? Question Posted By – Nicola In Area – North East Scotland

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  • Erection of stud wall with doorway

    Hello, many thanks for your time! I have a long narrow hallway (20ft long by 5 ft wide) and I intend to erect a wall 5 ft behind the current external door (I live in a tenement flat in glasgow) in order to creat an …

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  • Boundaries

    Hi,do you need planning permission to put up a privet hedge on your boundary lies directly onto the front pavement and road. Question Posted By – Craig In Area – West Central Scotland

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  • New Back door on listed building

    Do I need permission to change the back door on a B-listed property in a conservation area in Scotland. It’s not visible from any public roads. The door isn’t original, but we want a modern fully glazed door, and to change it to an outward …

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