Monthly Archive for: ‘May, 2016’

  • Decking

    Hi. Can I build decking at the side of my home it won’t be in front of my building but the handrail will be just over a meter …. Question Posted By – David walker In Area – Scottish Islands This question has been asked …

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  • Renovations – do I need permission

    Good Afternoon, I am planning to buy a property, and found one that is of interest to me. Lots of work needs to be done there though (built in 1989 and not renovated at all). Do I need permissions in Scotland for : 1) Installing …

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  • Garden Grounds Works

    Hi My neighbour has removed about 13 tons of soil from his back garden, this hole is 4m wide and tapers down from just over 1m to 0 over 3m. The removed soil starts 2m from his back wall and right against my boundary and …

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  • Garden shed

    I have built a garden shed outside my home in my back garden it’s close to my building but not blocking anyone’s view or home it’s just under 3meters high and 3.6 meters in length and 3.4 meters wide is there any legal requirements for …

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  • Garage Extension

    Hi can you tell me if it okay to extend an existing single garage lengthways by about 35ft , the garage wall would then replace the boundry fence , the garage is currently flat roofed and i have a large garden thanks Question Posted By …

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