Monthly Archive for: ‘March, 2018’

  • Antenna

    Hi, im looking to put up an amateur radio antenna in my garden. It would have one cetnral support from a black fibreglass pole which is 33ft high, 50mm diamater at the base going down to 3mm at the tip, coloured black. With wiring and …

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  • Wind turbine and planning

    In Highland Councils Sutherland Region a planning application has been submitted for the building of a house on a piece of land that is at least 10km from the nearest electrical power distribution network. The application does not give any details of how the house …

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  • Mezzanine

    Hi there I’m looking to purchase a property in a category B listed building in Dundee. It is a penthouse flat in an old hospital conversion. The living room as a large pyramidal roof with large metal beams traversing it. It’s pretty cavernous. Do I …

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  • Change of use ?

    Hi Please could you advice me regarding the possibility of buying woodland in Scotland with a view to using it for sporting activity, not shooting ect, but sports such as outdoor gym, fitness classes , trail running and these general sports activity’s. Also would require …

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