5 Reasons Why Freestanding Baths Are the King of Bathroom Suites

5 Reasons Why Freestanding Baths Are the King of Bathroom Suites

Open plan and ‘free flowing’ living has become the quintessential option for many people looking to renovate their homes. Everyone has heard of open plan living rooms and kitchens – but now it’s time for freestanding baths to take a bow in the interior design revolution. I’ve come up with 5 reasons why freestanding baths are now the king of bathroom suites…

1. Customer are spending more time on bathroom design

People are busier than ever before and rarely get any time to relax, that’s why the general public are investing more time into the design of their bathroom suites because it’s one of the few places where they can get some peace and quiet. Our business has certainly seen a surge in sales for luxury items such as steam showers and freestanding baths. With the advent of space-saving offset quadrant that can easily fit into otherwise unused alcoves, it’s now possible to install a bath as well. People no longer have to pick between a bath and a shower – instead opting to have both as separate facilities.

2. Vintage is always en vogue

Of course, when we cast our minds back to the Victorian Age, freestanding baths such as the roll-top and slipper models were commonplace. Well, they were certainly common with the affluent classes! Now it isn’t just the aristocracy that can afford beautiful bathroom suites, people nowadays want to replicate the ornate luxury of past eras and we, as bathroom retailers, have made that accessible to everyone.

3. Suitable for bathrooms of all sizes

Customers contact us to ask whether a freestanding bath will fit in with their smaller bathroom suites – and the answer is, for the most part, yes! One of the beauties that attracts customers to freestanding baths is the option to fit standpipes with a bath shower mixer, which not only means they can have a bath and shower in one but they maintain the classic smart vintage look.

4. Complements bathroom suites of all styles

“But what if my customers aren’t looking for a classic vintage look?” I hear you say. Freestanding models are also suitable for contemporary bathroom suites – you only have to research the various styles available on retailer’s websites. Our contemporary range has proven to be one of our most popular category when people are looking to upgrade their bathroom suites. Not only do we believe it’s important to stock the clean-cut angular style, but we also give our customers a choice with a softer modern range. When it comes to contemporary styles, minimalism is best – this way, the customer can personalise their bathroom suites as they see fit. Essentially, it’s like working with a beautiful blank canvas!

5. Resistant materials ideal for all bathroom suites

What’s the point of offering products that aren’t manufactured to the highest quality? Freestanding baths in particular tend to be crafted from the highest quality materials, compared to other elements of bathroom suites. The baths themselves can be made from a durable fusion of cast iron, stone, wood and acrylic. It’s also possible to customers to purchase and install various plumbing fixtures including taps, showerheads and feet.

Based on our sales figures and current trends, we can safely say that freestanding baths are an incredibly popular choice for bathroom suites at the moment. It’s important that we, as retailers, give our customers an impressive choice and 24/7 access to a dedicated customer service team. I highly advise that you start stocking a variety of freestanding bath styles and bathroom suites so your customers can fulfil their bathroom interior design dreams!

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This article was written by Platinum Taps & Bathrooms.

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