Blocking an internal door

Blocking an internal door

Do I Need Permission - Ask An Expert Hello, I have two internal doors in to my kitchen, one from the hall and one from the lounge / diner. We have only ever used the door from the lounge / diner. The fridge freezer is in front of the door to the hall. There are French doors from the lounge / diner to the back garden and a door from tbe hall to the lounge / diner.

Do we need a building warrant to extend the internal stud wall to permanently block off the door from the kitchen to the hall.

Thank you.
Question Posted By – Allison Spears In Area – East Central Scotland
This question has been asked in a Scottish region any response below will be specific to Scottish Planning Permission or Building Regulation advice.

  1. Do I Need PermissionDo I Need Permission08-31-2016

    Hi Allison.

    You don’t need a building warrant for this this type of work as long as you are complying with the building regulations.

    Blocking off a door can sometime cause issues with creating what is called an inner room in a property however from what you describe you will still have direct access from the kitchen and lounge to the outside..

    Although a building warrant may not be required you can find sometimes when a property is sold on the solicitor will ask for confirmation that the works that have been carried out did not require a building warrant. This can be confirmed with your local building control department where they will supply a letter confirming such. This could be done at the time the property was sold or its something you could do now.

    To get this you would need to supply a drawing to building control, some council charge a fee for this service.

    Thanks for using Do I Need Permission.

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