Boundary wall/fence

Boundary wall/fence

Hi, I’m looking to remove a fence between my house (privately owned) and my council neighbour. From the pavement the fence is approx 4 ft high and would be looking to replace this with a 3ft wall until it reaches my building. I then wish to raise the wall height to 6ft along the rest of the length of my driveway to the end of the house. I understand I need a building warrant for the 6ft wall however if I continue with the 3ft wall but add fencing on top of that (to bring the height to 6ft) would that negate the need for the building warrant? Also, if we made a carport from the side of the building and attached it to the wall then added doors at the front (currently 6ft gates) and back, would this be allowed? Many thanks.

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    For building warrant you can build a wall up to 1.2 metres and a fence up to 2 metres. If the wall was 1.2 metres and the fence on top of this does not exceed 2 metres from the ground you would not require a building warrant.

    A car port can be constructed as long as it falls within the planning and building warrant criteria which can be found here.

    Carport Planning –

    Carport Building Warrant –

    Timber gates could be fitted up to 2 metres high and as long as they are fitted behind the front elevation.

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