Building a Garage on a Separate Plot

Building a Garage on a Separate Plot

Do I Need Permission - Ask An Expert I have just bought a plot next to my home and wish to build a standard prefab garage, The plot did have a garage but it fell down and was removed. I have contacted the council and they say i need planning permission but this is related to the permitted development being outside my boundary. what is the regulations for building it on a different plot? where a old garage did sit? I can see why they refused it on the permitted development when it is not part of my house, surely there is different regulations for build on a separate piece of land?
for info the plot i purchased is next to me without any other boarders, would it be easier to join these pieces of land as one( is this costly)
i just feel the council are just wanting me to apply for planning permission because it easier for them, I did a builders warrant for a loft and this took almost 2 years to come through….. so that why i don’t want to go down that route.
any advice will be very helpful,
Question Posted By – chris In Area – West Central Scotland

  1. Do I Need PermissionDo I Need Permission01-10-2016

    Hi Chris.

    I take it you have 2 separate title plans for these areas?

    Permitted development is related to house holders so if there is no house on that plot (the area that is defined by your title plan) then there is no permitted development rights for the land.

    You could get the 2 title plans combined into one which would then mean it is part of your property boundary allowing you permitted development for that area. this would mean getting new title plans drawn up and involving a solicitor to apply to land registry for this on your behalf. I don’t feel this would involve a great cost but the process would take quite a while.

    If you can show that there was a garage there before and you show that this area is now going to form part of your property a planning application for this should be quite straight forward and should take approx. 3 months to get approved.

    In my opinion applying for planning permission would be the quickest and cheapest way for you to get your permission.

    Thanks for using Do I Need Permission.

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