Building warrant for an existing extension

Building warrant for an existing extension

A few years ago my husband got planning permission to add single extension to house….He told me then not to worry about the building warrant this was just something that was needed if we were ever to sell the house….
he did some time ago have council out to the house and building warrant was not approved….

The house really needs now to be put on the market….my ex advises me he has taken advise from a architect who has told him to contact the council to seek clarification that planning permission was needed as the extension work done is within the perimeter of the outline footprint…

I am starting to get a bit confused by this….as ..planning permission was already obtained.

I am starting to become a bit confused by all of this….

I am now of the opinion that while the work was being done my ex should have been arranging the building warrant.
I cannot see why the advise he has now been given is correct… order to sell the house am i correct in saying that the building warrant – certificate of comfort will still be needed….. it may very well be the case that planning permission is no longer needed but the building warrant will still be needed….

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    Hi Jayne

    Normally when houses are sold proof is required to show any alteration you have made have been done in accordance with planning and building regulations.

    You would have either required a full planning permission of a certificate of lawfulness depending on the size of the extension and if it fell within permitted development.

    How long ago did you get planning permission for the extension? If it was within the last 10 years you may be able to check on you local council’s website if planning permission was granted.

    If you go to you council website and find the planning section there should be an online register you can put your address in and it will tell you what application have been made etc… If it has been granted you will be able to get a copy of the permission from the council for a small fee.

    You should have applied for building warrant prior to starting any works. If no application has been made you can apply for building warrant in retrospect.

    This can be complicated as you may need to work out what regulations were relevant at the time the extension was built.

    I would recommend contacting a local architect or the local building control department to discuss this.

    Thanks for using Do I Need Permission.

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