Do I Need Building Warrant or Building Control for a Fence or Wall

Guidance specific to Scotland only.

Do I need building warrant for a fence or wall?

What is a building warrant?

Building warrant may NOT be required if the following criteria is met.

  • The fencing or wall is NOT forming a retaining structure.
  • A fence does not exceed 2 metres in height.
  • A wall does not exceed 1.2 metres in height.

Find out what works don’t require a building warrant on Do I Need Permissions Works not requiring building warrant page.

What is required for a building warrant?

Your local architectural service provider will be able to individually assess your specific requirements. An application should consist of the following information.

  • OS based location plan.
  • Existing plans and elevations.
  • Proposed plans and elevations.
  • Proposed sections.
  • Details (always make sure you get a good set of details to avoid any issues when construction starts).
  • Engineer’s information (may not be required depending on your specific project).
  • Supplementary information to suit your specific project.

Take a look at Do I Need Permissions building warrant guide for information on preparing and lodging a building warrant application.

What building regulations apply?

Building Regulations

The building regulations is a complex document with over 600 pages Do I Need Permission recommends you always consult with a specialist to confirm exactly what building regulations apply to your project and how to achieve these.

To find out what building regulations will apply to your project you can download a copy of the building regulations here.

How much does a building warrant cost?

The cost for a building warrant varies depending on the work required for your fence or wall. The cost of a building warrant is based on the cost of the works to be carried out. The minimum fee payable for a building warrant is £150 this is based on a cost of work at £5000. The fee increases £19 for each additional £500 worth of works up to a value of £100,000. Visit Do I Need Permissions Building Warrant Fee page for full costs.

The fee for architectural drawings varies, you should consult with your local architectural service provider. Find an Architect, Architectural Technician, or Planner to help with your project on Do I Need Permissions Who Can Help Pages.

Click here for Architects Costs

How long does building warrant approval take?

Building warrants are normally decided within 4-6 weeks. This depends greatly on the quality of drawings that are submitted and can take longer for more complex projects. Always use a professional.

How long does building warrant approval last?

Building warrants are valid for 3 years.

Extensions may be granted where the works have been started however be aware if your time period has lapsed and works are not completed you may be asked for improvements to your original building warrant approval.

Guidance specific to England only.

Do I need building control for a fence or wall?

Building control approval is generally not required for fences, wall and gates.

How much will fences and walls cost?

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