Building warrant for a sunroom

Building warrant for a sunroom

I have 2 questions.

1. We have a small sunroom to the back of my semi detached property. It is more than 1 metre away from boundaries, is less than 8 metres 2 and does not have any gas or solid fuel appliances. Would a building warrant have been required for this work?

2. We removed a stud wall to open up kitchen into dining room, it was separated by an arch way, shOuld we have gotten any permission to do this? I am in process of trying to put house on market and would like everything in place before we do so?


  1. Do I Need PermissionDo I Need Permission07-23-2013


    Is the sunroom separated from the house, is there an external type door between the house and sunroom?

    If so and the building is no larger that 8m sq, more than 1m from your boundary and does not contain and fuel appliance or sanitary accomodation then no building warrant would be required.

    As long as the kitchen wall between the dining room and kitchen was non-structural this would not of required a warrant. This applys as long as no other changes were carried out that would of required a warrant.

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