Building Warrant Guide

A basic guide to preparing and lodging a building warrant application. It is recommended you always use a professional.

Before you apply for a building warrant it is recommended to find out if you require planning permission. Use Do I Need Permissions project categories to find out if you need planning permission.

Once you have your planning permission or certificate of lawfulness in place you need to apply for a building warrant. Use Do I Need Permissions project categories to find out if your project requires a building warrant.

Decided how your project will be constructed.

  • Your project will have to meet the current building regulation standards a copy of this can be downloaded from the Scottish government website.
  • There are many different ways to meet these regulations. Your local architectural service provider will be able to assist you with this.
  • Do I Need Planning Permission ScotlandWhen choosing your construction details remember to think about your budget. Use Do I Need Permissions cost estimators to find out how much your project might cost.
  • You don’t have to just meet the standards required by the building regulation you can exceed them. For example think about insulation it may cost more to have a better insulation value than what is required but in the long run it will save you money on heating bills.
  • Think about how your project will be maintained after construction. Try to use materials that require low maintenance but still achieve the finish you desire.
  • Always get a good set of details for your project and try to have a basic understanding of how everything will be constructed.

What do I need for a building warrant application?

  • A location plan with your property including boundary outlined in red.
  • An external layout plan.
  • Existing floor plans and elevations.
  • Proposed floor plans and elevations.
  • Existing sections.
  • Proposed sections (if alterations are taking place).
  • Details.
  • U-value calculation (show that your construction method will meet the insulation values required by building regulations).
  • Engineers information (where required).
  • Additional information to suit your specific project.
  • All your drawings need to be to a scale.

Lodge your application.

  • Once you have your drawings in place you will need to complete the application forms. These can be downloaded from your local council website.
  • You will be required to pay a fee. Find out what your fee will be using Do I Need Permissions building warrant fee page.

What happens next?

  • Once your application has been received by the council your application will be validated.
  • Your application will then be checked for compliance with the building regulations.
  • The building control inspector may have queries on your warrant. You may receive a request for additional information (this in normal).
  • Your response for additional information will be checked for compliance.
  • If all is acceptable a building warrant approval will be issued.

Once I have received my building warrant.

  • Once you have received your approval you should notify the council that you are starting works. A form will be enclosed with your approval or you can download them from your local councils website.
  • Your building control inspector may require to inspect your project at various stages.
  • Once your works are complete you should apply for a completion certificate.
  • Your building control inspection will come and inspect your works to ensure they have been completed as per your approved drawings.
  • If your works comply with your approved drawings you will be issued with your completion certificate. You should keep this in a safe place as it may be required should you sell your home.

Obtaining building warrant does not allow you to build, you may require planning permission. Have a look at Do I Need Permissions planning permission guide.

The above information is relevant to Scotland only.