Do I Need Building Warrant or Building Control for Solar Panels

Guidance specific to Scotland only.

Do I need building warrant for solar panels?

What is a building warrant?

A building warrant is NOT required for solar panels as long as the solar panels are not located above a storey that is more than 4.5 metres from ground level. You should consult with your local architectural service provider if you are unsure. Find an Architect, Architectural Technician, or Planner to help with your project on Do I Need Permissions Who Can Help Pages.

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You are also responsible to ensure your existing roof structure is suitable to take the extra weight of the solar panels. Your solar panel installer or engineer will be able to confirm this.

Find out what works don’t require a building warrant on Do I Need Permissions Works not requiring building warrant page.

Guidance specific to England only.

Do I need building control for solar panels?

Building control approval is required for solar panels.

It is an offence to carry out works without the correct permits or notices in places. In extreme cases you may be asked to removed or the local authority may remove any alteration that does not comply with building regulations.

To find an Approved Inspector, Architect or Architectural Technician visit Do I Need Permissions Who Can Help pages.

How Do I get building control approval?

There are two methods of getting building control approval.

  • Local authority building control service. (provided by your local authority)
  • Approved inspector for building control. (a private company that is approved to certify works)

To find an Approved Inspector, Architect or Architectural Technician visit Do I Need Permissions Who Can Help pages.

How building control approval works

The approval process depends on whether you choose the Building Control services (local Authority) or an Approved Inspector.

To find out more visit Do I Need Permission building control approval types page.

What building regulations apply to solar panels?

Building Regulations (England)The building regulations is a complex document Do I Need Permission recommends you always consult with a specialist to confirm exactly what building regulations apply to your project and how to achieve these.

To find out what building regulations will apply to your solar panels you can download a copy of the building regulations here.

How much will solar panels cost?

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