Change of use

Guidance specific to Scotland only.

Planning to change the use of a building or land?What is planning permision?

Find out what use changes require planning permission.

Select your existing use.

Class 1 – Shops
Class 2 – Financial, Professional and other services
Class 3 – Food and Drink
Class 4 – Business
Class 5 – General Industrial
Class 6 – Storage and Distribution
Class 7 – Hotels and Hostels
Class 8 – Residential Institutions
Class 8A – Secure Residential Institutions
Class 9 – Houses
Class 10 – Non Residential Institutions
Class 11 – Assembly and Leisure

Guidance specific to England only.

Select your existing use below.

Class A1 – Shops
Class A2 – Professional & Financial services
Class A3 – Restaurants & Cafes
Class A4 – Drinking Establishments
Class A5 – Hot food takeaways
Class B1 – Business
Class B2 – General industrial
Class B8 – Storage or distribution
Class C1 – Hotels
Class C2 – Residential institutions
Class C2A – Secure Residential Institution
Class C3 (A,B & C) – Dwelling Houses
Class C4 – Houses in multiple occupation
Class D1 – Non-residential institutions
Class D2 – Assembly and leisure
Class – Sui Generis

Further restrictions may apply for example, if the property is within a Conservation Area, National Park, or Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, or if the building is a Listed Building or Scheduled Monument, within a site of special scientific interest, safety hazard area, or military explosives area.

Although the above may permit change of use of a building it does not include the right to amend the external appearance of the building in any way. Any material changes are likely to require a planning application.