Change of use

Change of use


If a building is in the sui generis category, and I want to start using it for a different use within the same category, do I need change of use planning permission? I have read that for example shops don’t need changing if they stay within the same category, so thought I would ask if sui generis is the same.

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  1. Hi Susan.

    It depends what business class the sui generis is in as each class has a separate sui generis category.

    If you have class 1 usage you cannot change to another class without permission but some classes do allow changes to other classes without requiring planning permission for change of use. You can however change the use of the building/land to another type of shop with the same class without planning permission. e.g. class 1 includes use as post office, travel agents, sale of goods, hairdressers, dry cleaners etc… you wouldnt need planning permission to change between these.

    I can be a bit more specific of you let me know what class the building is or what use its going from and to.

    Thanks, Do I Need Permission

  2. SusanSusan06-08-2012

    Hi thank you for your answer! can’t find anything out about classes and what is in where, but currently it’s an old barracks building (kind of small ‘village hall’ size) on a ‘secret’ nuclear bunker that’s been decomissioned and I am talking to the landlord about using it for dog training classes – they will mostly be outside on a field, but I need an indoor area to store items securely and in cold weather or this constant rain we need to be able to go inside and work.

    Thank you!

  3. Susan.

    If it is still classed as military barracks this comes under class 8A “Secure Residential Institutions” changing the use of this class of building to anything else requires planning permission. Note class 8A does not have a sui generis category.

    You would be best checking with your local planning department as to what class it currently has permission for, it may have already been changed.

    It is likely you will require class 10 “non residential institution” or class 11 “Assembly and leisure”.

    If you need any further assistance please feel free to contact us.

    Thankyou, Do I Need Permission

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