Conservatory re build

Conservatory re build

Do I Need Permission - Ask An ExpertI have recently had the frame of my conservatory re built from wood to upvc.I kept the original dwarf walls and foundations.These were built by the previous owner in 1996.The total structure is over 8m squared but under 30m squared.I am being told that i should have had a building warrant and completion certificate by my solicitor as I am selling the house.The company that did the work are telling me they did not need either as they were just ‘making good’ the original structure.Can you help clarify the situation as I will not be able to complete the sale without resolving this.The council are saying I should have both!!


  1. Do I Need PermissionDo I Need Permission01-28-2014

    Hi Kevin.

    A completion certificate is only issued when a building warrant has been applied for. You would not have a completion certificate without a warrant.

    The areas you mention are referred to in the building regulation in type 3 of works not requiring a warrant, however there are exception in this type. One being “a building ancillary to, or within the curtilage of a dwelling” which would cover a conservatory.

    Type 1 would also apply “any work to or in a house” has the exception of “any demolition or alteration of the roof, external walls or elements of structure”.

    There may have been a case for not requiring a warrant if you were replacing like for like. As in timber frame for timber frame. However there are exceptions here where the element is replaced in its entirety.

    Therefore a building warrant would have been required.

    It would be worth speaking to your local building control officer about this. They will be able to advise what you would be required to do.

    Thanks for using Do I Need Permission.

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