Converting extension into a seperate home.

Converting extension into a seperate home.

Do I Need Permission - Ask An Expert Hi, we have a 2 storey, 2 bedroom extension with it’s own staircase, bathroom and external access that was built onto the end of our existing 3 bedroom house 30 years ago. We are considering converting it into a home in it’s own right, making a 3 bedroom, and a 2 bedroom semi detached house. We would be blocking up the upstairs and downstairs internal doors in order to create the 2 houses. My husband seems to think we would not get permission to convert an extension into a home. Are you able to confirm if this is possible or not? Many thanks.
Question Posted By – Sara In Area – North West Scotland

  1. Matthew HiltonMatthew Hilton12-17-2014

    Thanks for your question.

    There is a few issues which need to be considered in terms of sub-dividing the extension from your existing house, namely:

    Formal planning permission would be required to split the house, the Council would then review the proposals to confirm that it can provide the following (these are not in any order of importance) prior to approving any application:
    1. Can both sites accommodate adequate off street parking arrangements (likely to be a min of 2 spaces per house) and if turning is available on the site to allow vehicles to enter and exit in a forward gear.
    2. That both houses have adequate amenity (garden) ground associated with them.
    3. The privacy and amenity of both houses and surrounding areas are adequately protected (i.e. no windows overlook boundaries).
    4. The new house provides adequate living conditions.
    5. The development does not set a precedent for further sub-divisions along the street (i.e. allowing yours to proceed will not allow everyone in your street/area to do the same).

    In addition once/if planning approval is obtained you would also need to obtain a Building Warrant for the splitting of the houses, this is mainly a technical issue (i.e, conformity with a set of technical standards), your ability to conform largely depends on the existing extension construction/design and without seeing the building it is difficult to advise further. But i would say it is likely building work would need to be done to improve the thermal efficiency of the ‘new house’ and the splitting of the two properties would require a new fire/party wall construction.

    I hope all this helps and I must stress this is only general information and not site specific, which I would be more than happy to provide.

    Kind Regards,

    Matthew Hilton MRTPI
    HHL Scotland

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