Create laundry room in basement

Create laundry room in basement

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My extension basement area is a lower ground floor rather than subterranean (there are windows in the area in question). There is existing living accommodation plus a WC which was constructed less than 10 years ago with all warrants etc in place.

I now wish to convert a room adjacent to the WC into a laundry room, to include a washing machine, vented dryer, and sink. The existing WC is connected to the mains drainage via a macerator since the drainage is at ground floor level rather than lower g.f.(All within the approved plans & warrant).

I will be replacing the macerator with one suitable for pumping washing machine waste as well as the WC.

Do I need a building warrant for any of the work (upgrade of macerator; instal of water feed to the sink & washing machine; addition of sink & washing machine waste into the macerator – all into a room with no prior plumbing, but adjacent to and connecting with the existing WC) ?

Many thanks in advance.

Question Posted By – Michael In Area – North East Scotland
This question has been asked in a Scottish region any response below will be specific to Scottish Planning Permission or Building Regulation advice.

  1. Hi Michael.

    Is the area that you are going to convert currently just basement area or is it part of the WC or a store cupboard.

    If it was just converting part of the WC or an existing store You wouldn’t require planning permission and it is unlikely you would require building warrant also as long as you are not altering any mains drainage.

    If your property is part of a flat it’s likely you would require building warrant.

    Thanks for using Do I Need Permission.

  2. MichaelMichael02-26-2018


    Many thanks for the reply. It is living space which is currently used as a study, the room is adjacent to the WC which provides the opportunity to connect in to the existing mains drainage albeit via a more “industrial” macerator. Its a detached house so no concern re being part of a flat.


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