Decking Height on Slope

Decking Height on Slope

I understand you do not need permission for decking that is less than 60cm in height? My garden is on a sever slope, there is an existing patio and I’d like to replace it with decking. 3 corners of it will certainly be under 60cm but the fourth will need to be propped and will be more like 3 foot (estimate). Do I require permission?

  1. Stephen LynasStephen Lynas10-24-2013

    Hello Ben

    Given part of the decking is circa 1m from the existing ground level it will require the benefit of planning consent. The logic behind this is that a part of your deck is elevated 1m from the ground and may cause privacy issues with any neighbours hence the planning requirement. If you require any further help or assistance please get in touch.
    Kind regards
    Stephen Lynas FRIAS RIBA
    iDraw Plans Limited
    37 Peasehill Brae, Rosyth, Fife KY11 2AP
    T: 07966 338870

  2. Ben MurdockBen Murdock10-24-2013

    Thanks for your reply. If I replaced the existing patio are with deck do I still need to get permission? We have neighbours to both sides but not at the bottom of the garden.

  3. stuart bishopstuart bishop10-24-2013

    Hi there,
    Assuming the deck is to the rear of the property, decking is allowed without planning consent if the floor level does not exceed 0.5M in height above ground level. The height is measured from all points around the deck, so take the lowest ground level, and if the floor of the deck is greater than 0.5M above that, then approval is required.

    Hope this helps. Thanks

    Stuart Bishop

  4. Ben MurdockBen Murdock10-26-2013

    Many thanks for your response.

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