Definition of “Front” for permitted development

Definition of “Front” for permitted development

My house is on a rectangular plot. The plot is accessed from a private road on the long edge to the East. This road is maintained by me and the other 5 houses served by it. In a common sense way my house fronts this private road. On the South short edge is the public road which provides access to the public road. On the North short edge is a private drive from the private road which serves 3 holiday cottages owned by one person. The West long edge bounds onto agricultural land. My question is “Where is the front of the house in respect to the permitted development erection of a shed and a conservatory”. Is it just the South side facing the public road or is it all 3 sides bounded by roads?

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    This is a good question. I have had a look into it for you and the planning regulations state,

    “Any part of the development would be forward of a wall forming part of the principal elevation or side elevation where that elevation fronts a road.”

    A road that any a vehicle or persons can drive or walk on whether it is public or private comes under this. This also includes roads with a right of way and can also include car parks.

    Unless the road was solely for your use and did not have a right of way the regulation for distance from roads regulations would apply to the front and side elevations of your home.

    Hope this helps.

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