Don’t Overlook These Key Things When Renovating Your House

Don’t Overlook These Key Things When Renovating Your House

Don’t Overlook These Key Things When Renovating Your House

Renovating a property can be one of the most exciting things to do when you’re a homeowner. It’s a chance for you to really put your stamp on the place, doing it up to precisely your taste and increasing its value for the future. But, before you begin, there’s lots of research you need to do! Here are a handful of key things you really mustn’t overlook when renovating…

Planning permission

Lots of people assume that they can change their house in any way they like, and while you might not face any restriction, it’s worth being 100% sure before you begin. Research the building restrictions and regulations in your area, apply for planning permission if you need it, and get in touch with your local council if you need to confirm anything. It’s important to do this: people have been forced to tear down their extensions and entire buildings for not complying with proper planning permission rules!

Your time

Think it will only take a weekend to rip out a kitchen? Think again! If you’re experienced and have the right tools at your disposal, particular renovation jobs might only take as long as you’re expecting, but it’s a good idea to plan for things taking a little longer.

If you’re hiring professionals to help you with your renovation, ask them for a realistic estimate of how long they expect jobs to take as this will help you to budget for their expenses and determine your schedule. If you’re booking time off work to do some DIY, consider taking an extra day or two to account for the fact you’ll probably need to go to the shops for more supplies part way through, or spend a while cleaning up afterwards.

Your budget

Doubtless you’ll have done your homework when it comes to researching the cost of materials, contractors and skip hiring, but be careful not to overlook the fact that you need a contingency budget. Most renovation projects run into unforeseen circumstances (for instance, ripping off the wallpaper might reveal a major damp problem), so it’s important you have cash to get you out of a tricky situation. Set an emergency budget, and don’t begin work until you can comfortably afford to actually spend the back-up cash if the need arises!

The finishing touches

Of course, adding a loft conversion or building an extension will make a huge impact: you’ll increase your living space and instantly add value to your property. But it’s important not to overlook small details when you’re renovating, as subconsciously it’s the little things that ‘upgrade’ the overall impression your home makes.

Spend some time choosing and installing beautiful fittings such as new door handles and new doors (such as a mexicano door for instance –  a popular choice for stylish homeowners). You should also make sure any paintwork you to do is of a high quality, so buy the best paint you can afford (such as a colour from the Farrow and Ball range for example), and hire someone to do the work if you’re not much good at cutting in or getting an even finish!