Garage conversion – no paper work

Garage conversion – no paper work

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We are looking to buy a house where the garage has been converted. The owner did the work himself but did have a planning permission. He did not get any other documents as per Building regulations (Warrant and completion certificate).
I understand that he can apply it retrospectively with the council but it will push the timelines we are looking to achieve for the completion.
Is there a possibility of us sorting these things after buying the house? Are there any legal implications? If not, then what kind of cost we are looking to incur in the whole process?
It will be big help if we can get an advise on this.

Many thanks
Question Posted By – Nids In Area – East Central Scotland
This question has been asked in a Scottish region any response below will be specific to Scottish Planning Permission or Building Regulation advice.

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    This will come down to what your solicitor is advising you.

    The risk of getting this after you have purchased the property is if the conversion has been carried out and the works don’t comply with the building regulation (e.g. the insulation doesn’t meet the required standard etc…) you may end up not getting the approval without having to carry out works at your own cost.

    They can apply in retrospect or apply for a letter of comfort but these will generally take anything from 4-10 weeks to get approved.

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