Garden shed on side of property

Garden shed on side of property


Im looking for some advice.

I dont have a big back garden and with conservatory already in place theres not a great deal of room for a large shed. However i do have a long driveway which runs up the side of my neighbours house (they have no access to there garden form the side) which is not being utilised what so ever! Am i aloud to put a shed between our 2 houses? The gap between the houses is approximately 9ft 6″ and ideally id like to put an 8ft wide shed in place, am i aloud to do so? I thought doing this would benefit the neighbour as it wouldn’t be blocking any sunlight etc (if the shed were to be placed in the garden).

Any advice would be greatly appreciated


  1. Do I Need PermissionDo I Need Permission06-11-2013


    For this to be classed as permitted development (no planning permission required) there are a few criteria that need to be met.

    · The shed should not be forward of the front elevation (including any side of the house that faces a road)

    · The overall height of the building does not exceed 4 metres and 3 metres to the eaves line.

    · Any part of the building within 1 metre of your boundary does not exceed 2.5 metres in height.

    · The total area left undeveloped is at least half of the existing rear curtilage – this is worked out by adding the footprint of all buildings and hardstanding (including decking) in the rear garden and dividing it by the area of garden (minus the original house footprint)

    · The shed is only used a storage. (no living accommodation)

    There are further restrictions if you live in a listed building or conservation area.

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