Building Warrant for a Shed

Building Warrant for a Shed

We recently had a shed installed in our garden, it is 10.52 metres long by 4.78 wide and 2.20 to eaves and 3.4 to ridge.
We built a concrete base using the existing base and extended it. This was about two metres from the boundary but has since been moved due to the Crofting commission resizing the land. It now is right up to the boundary although the owner of the field does not object. The base is around 50 square metres. It is a shed with two sets of double wooden doors but we had 4 double glazed windows that we obtained second hand rather than the fixed single glazed windows supplied. It was installed last week. It was mentioned that we may have needed a building warrant by the installers, I never thought about it, it is a shed and mainly used for storage and DIY. We live in a farming area and it looks a bit like a wooden barn. Looking at your website I think I did need a warrant. How do I go about getting one retrospectively, I really don’t want to have to take it down?

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    Where an out building goes over 30 metres squared it requires a warrant.

    You can apply for building warrants in retrospect. It’s the same process as applying for a normal building warrant however the fee increases to 125% of the original fee.

    For example if the cost of building the shed was up to £5000 the normal warrant fee would have been £100 in this instance because the works have already been carried out it would cost £125.

    You would need some drawings of the shed which the manufacturer should be able to give you, and perhaps a detail for the slab together with a location map.

    Planning wise you would need this if it doesn’t meet the criteria on

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