Hidden Cost of Home Improvements

Hidden Cost of Home Improvements

Remodelling your dream home or developing a property can be exciting and fill you with creative inspiration. But amidst all the excitement it’s easy to get carried away and that budget you carefully worked out can quickly spiral out of control.


Your new home might seem perfect on the surface but many properties, particularly older ones can contain many hidden problems.

Properly investigating the property, either yourself or with the help of a trusted contractor, will ensure you don’t get any sudden nasty surprises when work starts. Dodgy wiring, rot, damp and woodworm, will all need to be dealt with and will undoubtedly increase the cost of your refurbishment.

Even the woodchip wallpaper could be hiding a plaster disaster, test out small patches. Look under floors, lift carpets, go in the loft space and check out joists and trusses, prod timbers to check its not only the paintwork holding it together.

Always get the house surveyed by a professional prior to purchasing it this should highlight any major issues.

Plan, plan, plan

Planning is the key to a successful renovation, a detailed schedule and budget, with the all important contingency fund is essential. If you are not doing the hard work yourself but relying on contractors instead, insist on just as much detail and planning from them so that you know what, when and how much of every aspect of your project.

Know the rules and regulations

Always check what permissions you require for your project, planning permission, listed building consent, building warrants. These all have fees associated with them.

Get an architectural expert to visit with you and discuss your plans in details and find out what permission and regulation you may have to apply for, most architectural experts will offer an initial free consultation take advantage of this they may come up with ideas you had not thought about.

Shop for bargains

Choosing fixtures and fittings and decorating your new home is really the fun part of any refurbishment. But it’s easy to get carried away once inside DIY superstores. Try not to be tempted by a great deal on taps when you only went in to look at floor tiles.

Write lists of what you require and don’t stray from this, shopping online is a great way to not get tempted by in store promotions and can save you money.

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