Improving your Homes Energy Efficency

Improving your Homes Energy Efficency

With rising energy prices and more consideration for the environment the energy efficiency of our homes is becoming an increasingly talked about subject.

Here are Do I Need Permissions tips for improving your homes energy efficiency.

Windows and doors

Ensure your windows and doors are double glazed and well fitted with draught seals round all openings. Make sure the joint between window/door frames and the wall both internally and externally are sealed with mastic or caulk. Check these seals annually as mastic will eventually fail if not maintained.

Loft insulation

Check you have at least 300mm-400mm of mineral wool insulation in your loft. Make sure this is well laid right to the edges. A well fitted loft hatch will ensure the heat doesn’t escape, remember heat rises.


If your boiler is over 15 years old consider a new energy efficient boiler. Less gas usage with increased output. An expensive investment but will pay off in the long run by cutting your gas bills.

Hot water cylinders

Check your water cylinder is well insulated this will keep your water hotter for longer.


Make sure all your radiators are fitted with thermostats to allow individual control of each room. A reflective material fitted behind the radiator can also help avoid heat being lost through the wall.

Heating control

Make sure you have a fully programmable heating controller this can be programmed to suit how you use your house.


With windows being a big contributor to loss of heat thick curtains with linings can keep the heat in on cold nights.


Consider upgrading your light bulbs to energy saving bulbs.

Household appliances

When buying new house hold appliances check the energy rating. It may not seem like it will save you much money but think about the small amount added up over the life time of the appliance.

Do your research, you may find your energy supplier will offer deals on loft insulation or replacement boiler schemes. Some improvements can cost a few pound and save you hundreds of pounds with a bit of effort and research.

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