Installing En-suite

Installing En-suite

Do I Need Permission - Ask An Expert I am planning to install an en-suite in a large walk in wardrobe/cupboard adjacent to a bedroom. The house is a detached bungalow.

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The advice is no building warrant necessary so long as:
•Not in a listed building.
•Not in a conservation area.
•You are not altering the mains drainage.
•All works are carried out to the building regulations.
•Is not part of a flat, apartment, or tenement.

However, contrary advice is given in:

Do I Need Permission To Form An Ensuite

The formation of an ensuite would have required a Building Warrant, due to changes in plumbing, ventilation etc. However, it is not uncommon for this type of work to be done without a Building Warrant approval. In the majority of cases a retrospective application called a ‘Letter of Comfort’ can be obtained from the Council without too many issues, on the proviso the work is up to standard.
@Matthew Hilton MRTPI, HHL Scotland

Also, in the Regulations Tech Handbook (2015) works not requiring a warrant (Sched 3)

11. Any work associated with the provision of a single sanitary facility, together with any relevant branch soil or waste pipe.

Exception: Any work associated with a watercloset, waterless closet or urinal.

Can you please clarify, as the Tech Handbook seems to imply that additional WCs require a building warrant.

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This question has been asked in a Scottish region any response below will be specific to Scottish Planning Permission or Building Regulation advice.

  1. Do I Need PermissionDo I Need Permission04-30-2016

    Hi Sean.

    Some of the items above are relevant to planning permission above, things like listed building, conservation area etc… would not apply to building warrants.

    For a building warrant the technical handbook notes,

    Buildings work, services, fittings and equipment not requiring a warrant. (this is copied directly from the technical handbook)

    Regulation 5 and schedule 3 specifies what work can be done without the need to obtain a building warrant. However such work must still comply with the regulations. Building type 1 means much more work to or in houses does not need a warrant. This could include:
    • work external to, but immediately adjoining, the house (e.g. patio, decking, wall, fence, steps or ramp)
    • small penetrations of the external walls or roof (e.g. balanced flues, sanitary pipework, mechanical extract ducts or vent pipes)
    • small attachments to the external walls (e.g. canopies or micro-renewables)
    • erection, demolition or alteration of non-loadbearing partitions
    • electrical work
    • an en-suite bathroom or shower room (including associated drainage)
    • a central heating system.

    The exceptions are intended to safeguard against changes that might have significant effect, such as the removal of structural walls. The following list provides some examples of the various exceptions:
    • increasing the floor area of the house (e.g. creation of a mezzanine floor or the infill of a stair well)
    • demolition or alteration of the roof (e.g. forming a dormer window or construction of a masonry chimney through the roof)
    • demolition or alteration of the external walls (e.g. slapping a new window or door, applying insulation to the external wall surface)
    • demolition or alteration of an element of structure (e.g. removal of a loadbearing wall)
    • work adversely affecting a separating wall (e.g. installing recessed electrical sockets)
    • work involving a change to wastewater discharge (e.g. disconnection from the mains system).

    However you are correct with regards to the installation of WC, if you are installing just a shower or basin you would not require building warrant for this but when you also install a WC (toilet) you are require to apply for building warrant.

    Hope this helps.

    Thanks for using Do I Need Permission.

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