Loft and garage planning permission

Loft and garage planning permission

Do I Need Permission - Ask An Expert I bought a house 2 years ago and my solicitor didnt question about permission for loft or garage conversions. I have not complete any work as it was already done when I bought the property. Now I am in the process of selling and the entry date is 16th May, I have received a letter from their solicitor to ask for the legal documents regarding the loft conversion and the erection of a garage. My solicitor (the same one as I bought the property with) has told me I must contact the Council and apply for permission.

I contacted them and they tell me it will cost £264 and take 3-4 weeks! I have already moved out the property due to my husbands ill health and finding all this not only a financial strain but Im sick with worry that I will loose the sale I am having to borrow money to pay this. I have to complete the forms and return with payment on Monday.

I have checked on this site and it says you dont need permission, please can you advise if this is my responsibility, even if I didnt complete the work?

Thank you

Linda Gordon
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  1. Do I Need PermissionDo I Need Permission05-11-2014

    Hello Linda.

    Unfortunatly it does become your responsibility even though you never carried out the works. I am surprised your solicitor never picked up on these during your purchase of the property.

    Is it a garage conversion you have or a detached garage?

    A garage conversion generally doesn’t require planning permission unless you live in a conservation area or your property is a listed building.

    A garage conversion should have had a building warrant.

    A detached garage may of required planning permission depening on the location size etc…

    Building warrant may have been required depending on the size of the garage.

    Your loft conversion may of required planning permission depending on what was done, it is possible to have loft conversion that does not require planning permission.

    The loft conversion would have required a building warrant.

    Depending of how long ago the works were carried out you can go on your local council’s website and visit the planning permission and building warrant pages. You should find an application search. If you put in your address you will be able to see what permission is any have been applied for.

    If permissions have been applied for take a note of the application numbers and contact the planning and building control departments and request a copy of the applications. This will be the information your solicitor requires. There may be a fee for this.

    Hope this helps and thanks for using Do I Need Permission.

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