Mezzanine sleeping area in loft space

Mezzanine sleeping area in loft space

This question relates to the question below about tandem/backyard development.

The ceiling height in the cottage is 247cm. I would like to build a mezzanine sleeping area which would be accessed from the living room and sit above what is currently the bedroom. How do rules about stairs and loft access relate to mezzanine areas? And would there be any issue with fire regulations given that it’s a bungalow?

The loft area is small and the height is perhaps 165cm at the highest point. Because the living room is small, any regulation about width of stairs / head room and distance from doors would be difficult to meet. The living room is 4.31 x 2.77m.


  1. Do I Need PermissionDo I Need Permission08-15-2013


    There is a minimum height required for a room to be classed as a bedroom, 1.5m and within this space you would have to be able to fit a single bed, drawers and wardrobe all with the associated manoeuvring spaces.

    There is probably only a very small area in your existing loft that this would cover.

    From your description this sounds like it would be to low to be classed as a bedroom.

    You could have a mezzanine level but this would only be able to be classed as a storage space. If only storage space the regulations with regards to stairs would be a lot less. If it was a single bedroom the minimum stair width you could have would be 600mm if storage a fixed paddle ladder access may be acceptable.

    You would need a building warrant for this type of work.

    Unlikely you would require planning permission unless you live in a conservation area or your property is listed.

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  2. SuziSuzi08-15-2013

    Thanks very much – that’s very helpful. I would understand from that that I should be applying for a building warrant for a storage space and that when coming to sell the house at a later date I could only describe it as a one bedroom property with a mezzanine storage area but presumably there would be no law to stop me sleeping in my storage space if I desired? The plan was to have a mattress at floor level and fitted cupboard space to the sides so there wouldn’t actually be a bed as such or a wardrobe there?

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