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Do I need permission to site a mobile home that comes under the definition of a caravan. My local planning say because it is in front of the front elevation any such building is not permitted under permitted development but I argue it is a ‘caravan’ not a building, a temporary structure and as such needs no planning or authority. Am I correct?

Question Posted By – Ian In Area – Dumfries & Galloway
This question has been asked in a Scottish region any response below will be specific to Scottish Planning Permission or Building Regulation advice.

  1. Do I Need PermissionDo I Need Permission08-07-2017

    Hello Ian.

    The section that refers to “temporary building” which is class 14 in the planning act notes,

    “The provision on land of buildings, moveable structures, works, plant or machinery required temporarily in connection with and for the duration of operations being or to be carried out on, in, under or over that land or on land adjoining that land.”

    Generally this would allow for a caravan to be placed on a property for a short period of time only.

    You may also find that if you live in a newer property the original developer may have put further restriction on caravans, trailers, boats etc… being stored on properties. This would be noted in your title deeds.

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