Move or Improve

Do I Need Planning Permission Scotland | Project Cost EstimatorYou might live in your ideal location but with ever changing lifestyles your home might not meet your space requirements. Does this mean its time to move? No, moving isn’t your only option. Home improvements might be the ideal way to get the house you want without leaving your ideal location.

Although deciding whether to move is not just about money it is an important factor.

At Do I Need Permission we have developed a useful move or improve calculator to show how much it will cost to move and how much it will cost to improve.

Remember the value you spend on your home improvements does not necessarily add the same value to your home. The value added may be more or less. Consider how important a factor this is for you. If you plan to stay in this property for many years the cost of improvements verses the value it may add may not be such an important factor.

Do I Need Planning Permission Scotland | What Value Could It AddFind out what your home might be worth using our what value could it add estimator.

How much could my house be worthUse Do I Need Permissions cost estimators to find out how much your home improvements might cost and to find out the value of your home.

When comparing the cost to move find a property that would meet the same criteria of your existing home but with the improvements. If the new house needs work done to it remember to include this in your calculation.

The move or improve calculator is intended for guidance only.