Moving door and kitchen

Moving door and kitchen

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I have a tiny 19th cent detached cottage with a small 1980s extension which contains the kitchen and shower room. I’d like to move the position of the front door (currently at the centre of the cottage) to the front of the extension and reposition the kitchen and shower room within the extension to allow room for the door and to bring the kitchen to the front.

I know that I need a building warrant to move the door and it has been recommended that I include details of the change in kitchen/bathroom layout.

My question is this: there is not space to allow adequate clearance at the new door for a wheelchair or to make an accesible bathroom. Is it enough that the new layout will be no worse than the current one in terms of accessibility?

And, bearing that in mind, what would be the minimum width for a door and clearance within the bathroom?

Thanks for your help!
(PS I have already been in touch with planning – my house isn’t near a road at the front so planning is ok with this and also for me to build a porch or conservatory since there will be no hallway)
Question Posted By – Suzi Baker In Area – West Central Scotland

  1. Do I Need PermissionDo I Need Permission07-09-2014

    Hello Suuzi.

    Where your property has not previously been designed to accommodate accessible access it is acceptable to alter this. On the provision that you are improving the access or making it no worse than previous.

    There are a few elements to consider when thinking about accessible access.

    Access to the building (is there a ramp, steps)
    Access within the building (door opening widths note 800mm clear opening required for accessible)
    The space provided within the room (normally 1100mm x 800mm clear in front of a WC and the same in the direction of entrance not covered by any door swing)

    Where you can meet some of these requirements it helps.

    Thanks for using Do I Need Permission.

    P.S. Yes you can build a porch or conservatories without planning permission and building warrant up to a certain size. You can find out more on this on our Porch and Conservatory pages.

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