New roof

New roof

Do I Need Permission - Ask An Expert I live in a block of eight flats. We would like to replace the slate roof with concrete tiles and the cast iron guttering and down pipes with upvc. The building was built around 1910. Would we require planning permission before the work can go ahead?
Question Posted By – Joy Wilson In Area – West Central Scotland

  1. Do I Need PermissionDo I Need Permission01-14-2016

    Hello Joy.

    This would come under class 4A of permitted development which is noted as,

    Class 4A.—(1) Any improvement or other alteration to the external appearance of a
    dwelling situated within a building containing one or more flats.

    Development is not permitted by this class if—

    (a) it would be an enlargement;
    (b) it would protrude more than 1 metre from the outer surface of an external wall,
    roof plane, roof ridge or chimney;
    (c) the dimensions of an existing window or door opening would be altered;
    (d) it would be a balcony;
    (e) it would be on the roof and would result in a raised platform or terrace;
    (f) it would be a wind turbine;
    (g) it would be within a conservation area or within the curtilage of a listed building.

    As long as none of the above applies you would not be required to apply for planning permission.

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