Permission for internal changes

Permission for internal changes

I am currently in the process of selling my house and one of the issues which has come up is that the buyer is looking for planning permission for alteration of internal walls which was done by the previous owner.
I do not recall any mention of such permissions when I purchased the property and have no paperwork. I am waiting for the bank to release the titles which we hope may have some mention of this, however if not then where would I stand?

The internal layout was changed by the previous owner more than 8 yrs ago for sure, where the small 3rd box room was made into the kitchen and the small wall between the original kitchenette and bathroom was removed to make a larger bathroom. (This was a small wall and I don’t believe to be load bearing).
The only other changes were to cover up two doorways with plasterboard and to create a new doorway on another wall (may or may not be load bearing but I doubt it).

I would assume that this would all have been reviewed by my lawyer and surveyor when I purchased the property.
I don’t believe that any planning permission is required for such alterations, however the comment in the home report is that I should provide any planning permissions for these changes.

Thanks in advance

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    You would not require planning permission for these changes unless your property was listed or in a conservation area.

    Building warrant would have been required for these alterations, it would depend if you had a survey carried out and to what extent the survey was carried out as to whether this would have been picked up.

    A simple way to check if your property had building warrant granted is to check your local councils website, building control section, (most councils have building warrant listed that go back 10 years) you can simple put your address in and it will show you if any building warrant have been applied for and if they were granted.

    If your local council has no detail listed online I would recommend you phone them and ask the building control department if they can check your address.

    If no building warrant has been applied for you can apply for building warrant in retrospect.

    Hope this helps.

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