Sunroom Permission / warrant

Sunroom Permission / warrant

Do I Need Permission - Ask An Expert Currently have a conservatory attached to the back of our house. We want to take this down and replace with a solid roof extension / sun room. This structure will infact be smaller in height than the existing conservatory..

? Is do we need we need planning permission / building warrent and / or completion certificate ?
Question Posted By – A copland In Area – North East Scotland

  1. Matthew HiltonMatthew Hilton08-04-2014

    Thanks for the question.

    In terms of Planning Approval, the works would be considered ‘Development’ and therefore could require planning approval. However, each house has what is called ‘Permitted Development’ which allow the owner to alter & extend their property, subject to certain criteria and unfortunately from the information you provided I can not advise if planning permission is required.

    With regards the Building Warrant, this will be required for the level of work proposed and I would advocate that you appoint an agent to prepare this on your behalf. Once the works are complete, a Completion Certificate would be required to sign off the the Building Warrant.

    Hope this helps and I would be happy to discuss further.


    Matthew Hilton MRTPI

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