Permitted development tandem/backland

Permitted development tandem/backland

The permitted development rules in relation to conservatories and extensions refer to the back and side of the property i.e. planning permission is not required for certain alterations to the side or rear of the building.

My house is set considerably from the road with only pedestrian access via a long (approx 15 metre) path. The boundaries to the rear and one side of the building are the house walls themselves. There is a small area of garden to the other side which has an extension which is around 40 years old. The whole building including this extension is 42m2. There is only one external door, to the front.

So permitted development is normally only possible to the front of the building. However this is well away from both the road and from neighbouring properties. The ground including house are square in shape (excluding the path) and approximately 90 – 100m2.

There is an outbuilding opposite the front of the house and at the boundary to the next property (their back garden). It is approximately 5m x 1.5m.

I was told that the property could be considered tandem or backland property – it’s an old stone cottage which has then been surrounded by other more modern houses which front the road in front and behind this property.

My question is: would a conservatory be considered a permitted development given that it would be invisible from the road even though it is to the front of the property?

Also, the wooden outbuilding (which is perhaps 50 years old) is in a very poor state of repair – could it be replaced by a more modern structure of a similar size as a permitted development?

Thanks very much

  1. Do I Need PermissionDo I Need Permission08-15-2013

    Hello Suzi.

    Permitted development for conservatories or extensions do not allow extensions to the front of properties without the need for planning permission.

    The only exception to this is a porch and only if it is not more than 3m sq. Other conditions apply see .

    This does not mean you would not get planning permission for a conservatory on the front of your property if you applied for planning permission.

    You could replace the wooden out building without planning permission as long as it is replacing like for like (as in size, height etc…) or as long as it meets the permitted development for sheds which can be found at .

    Thanks for using Do I Need Permission.

  2. SuziSuzi08-15-2013

    Thanks very much for the quick reply – that was very helpful.

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