Planning A Wetroom

Planning A Wetroom

Wet rooms are a modern way to achieve a streamlined bathroom. But before you rip out your existing bathroom consider carefully if a wet room makes the best use of space and suits your lifestyle.

What is a wet room?

A wet room is when the whole bathroom area is tiled. There is no shower tray and a drainage point located in the floor to allow the whole room to become your shower.

A wet room can be a great way to make the most out of a tight bathroom. Remember if your bathroom is too small everything in it is likely to get wet when you shower.

How to plan a wetroom?

Plan your wetroom carefully make sure any items you don’t want to get wet wont!

  • Make sure your shower wont run against the entrance door or existing windows.
  • Think about where you would locate a towel, will it be kept dry?
  • Where can you stand and dry off.
  • Can you stand under the shower and have a clear area to move?
  • Will your WC or Basin get wet? You don’t want to be spending half and hour cleaning the wet room every-time you use it.


  • Consider installing a glass screen next to the shower to prevent the whole room from getting wet.
  • Where best suits the location of the shower, remember with a wet room the shower can be almost anywhere.
  • How will you heat the room? Consider underfloor heating its great for keeping your feet warm on cold tiles. If radiators or towel rails bring the supply      pipes thro the wall to avoid breaking your water proof floor membrane.
  • Ensure all works are carried out to the highest standards the last thing you want is a flooded bathroom.

What do I need?

A wet room deck and membrane can be laid on either concrete or wooden flooring. It’s preferable to set it into the floor, otherwise you can end up with a bathroom floor that is higher than the floor outside. A sturdy floor is essential for a wet room, as any movement could cause a leak or crack in the tiling. Remember a threshold at the entrance door to prevent water leaking into other rooms.

Do I need Planning Permission or Building Warrant?

It is likely you will not require planning permission for a wet room conversion. You may need planning permission if your house is listed.

Building warrant may be required if you are making changes to the structure of your home, are you moving the bathroom door or window? You may also require building warrant if you are adding additional main drainage.

Installing a wet room involves laying a specially designed wet room membranes or decks which has a gradient to run the water in to drainage point. The area is then sealed before tiles are laid. It is recommended you always use a professional to carry out your wet room project. Remember to always get a guarantee for any works completed.

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