Planning permission for a byre

Planning permission for a byre

Hi there, we are planning on rebuilding our byre to exact same measurements as it was , we plan to use it in the summer to let 2 bed and breakfast rooms. The location has already got a soak away in place as it has needed to be hosed out in the past and a croft entrance, access. We never intend to sell our property . We have started knocking down the old building and it occurred to us should we just check in case we need to obtain something we are unaware of?

  1. Matthew HiltonMatthew Hilton01-09-2014


    Thanks for the question.

    Unfortunately you will need planning approval and a building Warrant for the rebuilding work and I would strongly urge you to obtain these before you continue demolition. Both will take time to prepare, submit and obtain and I would budget a minimum of 6 months before work can commence on site.

    With regards Planning Approval, this is never guaranteed and it is always easier to obtain if you are replacing/repairing an existing building, as such I would recommend that approval is obtained before the existing building is demolished.

    As part of the above, the Council is likely to request a Bat Survey if the Brye is stone construction (the damage/loss of a bat roost is a criminal offence under European Law, so even if you continue demolition be aware), a Structural Engineers Report/Certification is also likely to be required as part of the Building Warrant process.

    You also mention a soakaway, but not a septic tank/cess pit/bio disc, if you are planning to install a new bathroom and or kitchen in the new building it is likely that a new septic tank will also have to be installed, this tank would then require Registration with SEPA.

    Apologies if this response is rather negative and if the process sound complex, I am happy to discuss further if you wish.


    Matthew Hilton
    HHL Scotland

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