Porch wheelchair access ramp

Porch wheelchair access ramp

I am planning on building an extension on my house and also want to add a porch on the front of my house to be centred on the house with the new extension. Do I require to install a wheelchair access ramp? I think the porch itself would get approved as it only extends slightly passed the build line but I do not want a ramp and I think that would hinder chances of permission being granted.

  1. Do I Need PermissionDo I Need Permission02-12-2013

    Hi Steven.

    A porch may not require planning permission if, it is under 3 metres sq. in area, not within 2 metres of your property boundary, does not exceed 3 metres in height and you do not live in a conservation area or a listed building.

    Building warrant wise you can build a porch without the need to apply for warrant if, not larger than 8 metres sq., more than 1 metre from your boundary, does not contain sanitary facilities or solid fuel, oil, or gas appliances (boilers etc…)

    Does your property have an existing access ramp? If so and your porch requires building warrant (see above criteria) and your proposal is to remove the existing ramp this would be seen as making the accessibility of the property worse and would be very unlikely to be approved.

    If your property does not currently have an access ramp but a ramp is considered reasonably practable you would be required to put one in as you are creating a new entrance.

    Note the accessible ramp to a property does not necessarily have to be to your front door it can be to a rear or side access if internal access allow for this.

    You can find more information on porches and access ramps here, http://doineedpermission.co.uk/planning-permission-porch http://doineedpermission.co.uk/planning-permission-access-ramp

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