Portal garage replacement

Portal garage replacement

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I have a concrete sectional garage that is bolted to a concrete slab which is 6m x 5m it was classed as a portal building and I want to replace it with a metal clad portal building which will be 7m x 10m and 2.5m to the eaves and 3.7 to the ridge, I contacted Aberdeen city planning department and ask about the replacement and they wrote back saying it was a permitted development, and didn’t need planning permission but they never mentioned building warrant, do you think I will need a building warrant or does the letter I got mean I can go ahead and replace the old garage with the new?

Question Posted By – Dale Kelly In Area – North East Scotland

  1. Do I Need PermissionDo I Need Permission03-04-2014

    Hello Dale.

    The letter from the planning department does not remove the requirement for building warrant.

    You can building a garage without building warrant if,

    The garage is not more than 30m sq.
    Does not contain any solid fuel, oil, or gas appliances.
    Does not contain and sanitary accommodation.

    As your garage is 70m sq you would require a building warrant for this.

    If you are buying this from a company specialising in this type of product you may find they can provide most of the information you would require for a building warrant.

    Thanks for using Do I Need Permission.

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