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Property problems – Wise Property Care

Property problems – tips and solutions

The majority of traditional Scottish bungalows and villas are expected to last for years if they receive the necessary attention from their owners. However, many homeowners make basic mistakes which result in property defects. With the introduction of the new Home Report it is vital that you avoid property problems now before they escalate.

Here are a few simple steps that homeowners can take to prevent problems arising in the future.

Damp Proofing

Home owners will often construct a new driveway or flowerbed which can mean the external ground level rises above the original damp proofing course in the base of the external walls. This can lead to penetration of water into the wall which can lead to wet rot and dry rot.


Any external ground work should not exceed the level of the damp proofing course or it risks failing. If you are installing a driveway or flowerbed then ensure that you dig down the way rather than build up.


Woodworm is often found in the roof voids. This can be linked to the storage of unwanted furniture that has an active woodworm infestation. The woodworm then finds a ready source of food in the warm, dry wooden timber of the roof void.


Ensure that you look over any wooden furniture that is being stored in your roof. If you see any small, circular holes get an expert to check over them to see if you do indeed have a woodworm problem.

Underfloor Fresh Air Ventilation

Some property owners block out the air vents to their underfloor because they believe they lead to draughts within the living areas. This is discouraged because it will lead to wet rot or dry rot issues, which can be costly to repair, in the underfloor area.


Ensure that your underfloor air vents are always clear from any obstructions.

When to look for Problems,

The next time it rains take a walk around the outside of your property and take a look for any water which might be overflowing from the gutters, running down drainpipes etc. If you have any problems the water could be getting into your property somehow and cause an issue.

It is important that you perform checks like this regularly as a quick walk around your home is a much more attractive option that spending a small fortune getting the problem fixed!

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