Stairs for loft storage

Stairs for loft storage

I have installed an 800wide stair in my new build instead of a loft hatch. Need to know the requirements for height etc for storage use only.
there is only one room accessed from this.
the area has been floored and has the water storage tank installed there.
What is the head height required at top of landing and overall platform area.
This stair has replaced the intended loft hatch.

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    For a single room/storage the minimum width a stair can be is 600mm.

    There are other measurments that should be taken into account.

    Maximum rise of a step = 220mm.
    Minimum going (tread) = 225mm.
    The pitch of the stair should not exceed 42 degrees.
    The minimum headroom above the pitch line of the stair should be 2000mm

    All risers/ and treads should be uniform size to avoid confusion with the user.

    The landing at the top and bottom of the stair should be the same as the width of the stair. (800mm x 800mm in your case) this should also have the head height of 2000mm.

    If this is on a 1st floor leading to the attic the stair would have to be separated off from the 1st floor circulation space by way of a door. Other wise if open to the circulation space the doors onto this (bedrooms, living areas) would have to be self closing fire doors.

    This kind of work would require a building warrant. Note that as the loft is floored the insulation value of the ceiling may no longer meet the required value. Depending if your insulation was between the ceiling ties?

    If you applied for a building warrant it is likely building control would ask how you are meeting/maintaining this u-value.

    Hope this helps.

    Thanks for using Do I Need Permission.

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