Summer house with decking

Summer house with decking

Do I Need Permission - Ask An Expert Can I build my sun house which has an apex at 3.6m above the ground? The decking will go around 2 sides one of which is at 90degrees to my neighbours fence. The decking will be built out as the garden sloped steeply and will be 1.4m above the ground with a 1.05m balustrade around it for safety. I am situating both the sun house and decking 10cm from my neighbours boundary fence to tuck it out of the view from the house. Is this ok?
Question Posted By – Louise In Area – West Central Scotland

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    The summer house would not require planning permission as long as you meet the following criteria.

    •Is located to the rear of the property (behind the front elevation or elevation that faces a road).
    •It does NOT exceed 4 metres in height (3 metres to eaves).
    •Any part of the building within 1 metre of the boundary does NOT exceed 2.5 metres in height.
    •The building footprint is NOT greater than 50% of the properties outside space.
    •Is NOT in a conservation area, unless it is under 4 metres sq.
    •Is NOT within the boundary of a listed building.
    •Is not part of a flat, apartment, or tenement.

    From your description it sounds like the decking will require planning permission unless it meets the following criteria.

    •The deck is not more than 0.5 metres from existing ground level.
    •Any part of the deck would be forward of a wall forming part of the principal elevation or side elevation where that elevation fronts a road.
    •Is NOT in a conservation area unless under 4 metres squared.
    •Is NOT a listed building.

    Hope that helps.

    Thanks for using Do I Need Permission.

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