Summer House

Summer House

Hi there

Hope you can help, I have bought some green belt land (a wood) and would like to build a summer house on it for me and my family for the weekends to stay in at the weekends while tending to the woodland.

I understand that the wood has been assigned greenbelt status.

Before I apply for planning permission, can you give me a quick list of things they will be looking for ?

many thanks


  1. Do I Need PermissionDo I Need Permission09-10-2013


    I would start with some research on this.

    Have a look at the council local plan (you will find this on your councils website, planning section) also the council planning policy will be useful.

    Find out what the council policy is in this situation.

    If you cannot find information on the policies phone your local planning department and ask about making a pre application consultation.

    Have some sketches ready for your proposals showing, the area of land, proposed location of summer house, proposed sizes, materials etc…

    Be careful about how you describe the building, a description related to the maintanance of the woodland may be more appropriate. Ground Keepers hut, Lodge may sound better.

    You will also need to discuss a maintenance schedule on proposed works required for the maintenance of the woodland an arboriculturist will be able to assist you with this.

    Evidence that continual maintenance is required will be an important factor.

    There may be restrictions on the size and type of building you can erect.

    Basically have lots of discussions with the planning department prior to lodging an application.

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