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  • Replacing a fence

    Hi, can you help? Do I need planning permission to replace a wooden fence that is on top of my stone wall. I understand the restrictions of height issues. The height would be as before? I do live in a conservation area. Thanks Fran

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  • Patio doors

    Do I need planning permission for turning my back window into patio doors?? I live in west holmes gardens Musselburgh I want to put 5or 6ft doors in and that would be installing a longer lintel.. thank you stuart

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  • Upvc windows

    I purchased my flat in a conservation area 8 years ago, it however had upvc windows placed in 2007. Has the planninjg law changed since then and was that allowed in that period. I know I certainly wouldnt get planning permission now. I do have …

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  • Taking down false ceiling

    Do I need planning permission or building warrant to take down a false ceiling in a kitchen and bathroom without altering venting in a conservation area in Edinburgh ?

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