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  • Converting Conservatory Roofs – Do I Need Permission?

    You’ve had a conservatory built or bought a property with an existing conservatory and discovered that with the UK’s unpredictable weather you never use it as its too cold in the winter or too hot in the summer. There is an increasing trend and various …

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  • Turning a conservatory in to an extension

    I have a conservatory at the rear of my property this is roughly 9m2 and does not have any heating facilities in it, it is also more than 1 meter away from any property border. I would like to build an extension using the exsisting …

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  • Conservatory re build

    I have recently had the frame of my conservatory re built from wood to upvc.I kept the original dwarf walls and foundations.These were built by the previous owner in 1996.The total structure is over 8m squared but under 30m squared.I am being told that i …

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  • Changing Conservatory Roof

    Hi There, can you please tell me if I need a building warrant to cover changing an existing conservatory roof (polycarbonate) to a fully insulated one with lightweight Metrotiles. The conservatory is 10 years old with all the necessary paperwork in place for it i.e. …

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  • Conservatory (permission in retrospect)

    Please can you advise on a 20m sq conservatory , we had built in 2007. We did not obtain planning permission or have a building warrant and now going to sell the house . Should we have had these? And what do we do now? …

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