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  • Switch on to Big Savings with LED Lights

    UK households could be saving a huge 90% on their lighting bills by simply replacing their traditional light bulbs with eco-friendly LED alternatives. By making the switch, people will not only make staggering savings, they will also cut their energy use and carbon emissions – …

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  • Cavity Wall Insulation

    What is cavity wall insulation? Cavity wall insulation is where the space (cavity) between the external leaf and internal leaf of your homes external wall are filled with an insulation material. It can be fitted in both traditional (brick or block) buildings and timber framed …

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  • Renewable Energy Grants

    Thinking of installing renewable energy in your home? Did you know you can get up to £1250 towards the cost of a new system from UK government? The Renewable Heat Premium Payment is designed to help towards meeting the costs of installing renewable technologies in your …

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  • Free Insulation

    Offers are available for free and discounted insulation from the Scottish Government and your local council. Homes can lose heat easily if they aren’t properly insulated, over 50% of the heat is lost through the roof and walls. Energy is expensive, so one of the best …

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  • Improving your Homes Energy Efficency

    With rising energy prices and more consideration for the environment the energy efficiency of our homes is becoming an increasingly talked about subject. Here are Do I Need Permissions tips for improving your homes energy efficiency. Windows and doors Ensure your windows and doors are …

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